The human right is to know Jesus.

The right of every person is to become a child of God through faith in Christ.  (John 1:12)

Quality of life is based on everyone’s individual freedom and rights. We fight for each human to live with the same basic advantages. We fight to meet physical needs. We fight to meet social needs.

Are we missing the most essential right for all life? To have the right to know God is the only crucial right for life at its fullest. As Christians, it is our job to give every person, young and old, no matter where they are in the world, the right to abundant life.

How do we demonstrate to all people the greatest right we were freely given?

To know Jesus and to have a personal relationship with Him.

It is the most basic right. The Human Right.


The Movement was created to unite advocates of The Human Right to rise from apathy to action, entitlement to responsibility, and silence to advocacy.

Our Objectives


Unite advocates of The Human Right who rise from:

  • Apathy to action
  • Entitlement to responsibility
  • Silence to advocacy 

Mobilize advocates of The Human Right who:

  • Live the message of Jesus
  • Read and understand the Bible
  • Have the boldness to share the message. 

We dream of a movement of millennials who live in full abandon to God’s will for their lives and who believe that spreading the message of Jesus is His will for all Christians. 

We want to build a culture of young believers who courageously live out God’s Kingdom in this world; encourage gospel fluency in this generation and the confidence to share it; address the greatest injustice in the world today—no access to the gospel; break the silence and speak the truth in local contexts through our partner Youth Alive; empower missionaries through our partner Speed the Light to reach those without access to Jesus; and raise up a generation of intercessors who will invade Heaven with prayers for the lost.

The Human Right also introduces the Church to a new millennial understanding and impacts how the Church communicates Scripture to students; inspiring students to lead this full-church participatory movement; connecting the next generation to their God-given mission; and igniting a global youth movement.


To provide a place in our hearts and minds for Christ to stay. 

To open our clasped fists and let go of whatever we cling to.

To proclaim truth through our words and actions to those who do not know Jesus.

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