The Human Right seeks to ignite a youth-led movement through a powerful interactive event. The experience brings students face to face with the greatest injustice and joins them as they make the declaration: “I will break the silence and advocate the message of Jesus." Download the resource kit to bring the experience to your church.



The concept is simple: We give our money so that others can be the voice of truth to those without access. We do this through equipping missionaries all over the world with essential transportation and creative communication equipment via our partner Speed the Light, the global expression of The Human Right.

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Through a simple concept to pray daily, live the Word, tell the story of Jesus, serve others and give generously, we aim to equip young people to creatively share the gospel where they live. Our partner Youth Alive shares this focus and challenges students to break the silence and be the voice of truth to those who don’t know Jesus.

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We work to ignite passion for Jesus’ name to be known. We believe this generation can and will accomplish the Great Commission.

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