Just think, for 30 days you’ll know exactly what to wear. My One Shirt is a declarative symbol: I will not be silent. I will advocate the message of Jesus in my community by using my voice and abroad by mobilizing missionaries.

The front of My One Shirt reads, “Speak Truth in Love.” We believe this statement will be a conversation starter to help you share what Jesus has done in your life--and why it’s so important for the whole world to experience the grace of Jesus.

Find out more about the movement and how to bring it to your community below.

The Human Right Devotional


Make the commitment to be the voice of The Human Right for 30 days. The Human Right 30-Day Devotional will strengthen your relationship with Jesus and guide your prayer time as you read excerpts from leaders committed to making Jesus known.

Guide for Campus Prayer Groups


Commit to pray on your campus for the needs of your friends, school, community and world for 30 days. The Guide for Starting Campus Prayer Groups is your starting point for prayer.





1. Gather your group. Decide to take the 30-day My One Shirt challenge with your friends.

2. Set a goal. Raise money for Speed the Light to help equip missionaries called to the places you cannot go.

3. Buy the Shirt. Click the “start” button below, or visit The Human Right store.

4. Wear My One Shirt for 30 days. We didn’t say you couldn’t wash it, but up the ante with sponsors by offering to wear it for 30 days without washing it.

5. Start the conversation. Tell everyone and ask them to support your 30-day endeavor.

6. Live the lifestyle. As you take the My One Shirt Challenge, we recommend going through The Human Right 30 Day Devotional. Buy the devo in The Human Right store.

7. Share with us. We want to celebrate your victories and support you in your struggles over the next 30 days. Connect with us on social media and share how wearing My One Shirt is making a difference.

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