Thank you for signing up for The Human Right Movement Resource Kits! Here you will find the original Launch Kit, the Notice the Moment: Share the Moment kits, as well as the new It’s Time Resource Kit.

It’s Time Resource Kit

The current message The Human Right is proclaiming that “it’s time” to move. There’s an urgent stirring in our hearts to spread truth across the globe through evangelism and sacrificial giving to missionaries through Speed the Light. The It’s Time kit is a culmination of all previous resource kits, including valuable resources from smaller kits that aren’t listed here. Because not every church has even been introduced to THR yet, we wanted to create a resource kit that combines the highlights from every variation. 

My One Shirt

Leader Resources


Promotional Videos

Story Videos


Notice the Moment:Share the Moment Kits

The current message The Human Right is proclaiming is to take time to slow down and Notice the Moments God has given you and Share Jesus with others in those Moments. Each kit contains a leader guide, along with videos, social media postables, promotional resources, and more. The first two kits are branded specifically for our partners, Speed the Light for global missions, and Youth Alive for local engagement. The third kit contains much of the same content with a more general focus on missions and local involvement without mentioning specific partners. Simply select kit you would like to download and continue proclaiming the message of The Human Right to your students, church, and community!

Speed the Light Kit

Youth Alive Kit

The Human Right Kit

Launch Kit

The Human Right Launch Kit contains all of the tools you need if you are just getting started and becoming familiar with The Human Right Movement. We recommend starting here to introduce your students and church to THR Movement using the leader tools, videos, promotional resources, social media postables, and more you’ll find in this kit.

Leader Tools

These tools lay out how to use this experience in your location including manuscripts for the event and sermon outlines.

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Promotional & Social Resources

Videos, slides, posters, social media postables, and more are provided to help you invite people to your experience.

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THR Service Experience Videos

Videos to help support your service, including a powerful spoken word and graphical videos to show during your altar/worship service.

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Story Videos

Eight stories representing needs from around the world. Videos are available with and without audio so you can customize the experience to fit your group.

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Stage Backdrops

High resolution backdrops you can have printed to transform your stage to complete the atmosphere of The Human Right Experience at your church.

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