Whether you're introducing your students and church to The Human Right for the first time or continuing your involvement in the movement, we have all the tools you need!

The original The Human Right Resource Kit is still available for you to create an unforgettable series in your church that will move your students and congregation to re-think and re-prioritize what the greatest injustice truly is - for someone to die without ever hearing the name of Jesus.

The new It’s Time Resource Kit is now available. It’s a culmination of all previous resource kits, including valuable resources from smaller kits that aren’t listed here. The Notice the Moment.Share the Moment Resource Kits are also available so you can continue your journey with The Human Right Movement. There are three kits meant to be a resource as you focus on meeting local needs through our partner Youth Alive and global needs through our partner Speed the Light. The third kit is designed without our partner info so anyone can use it, even if you don't participate in Youth Alive or Speed the Light.

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