Abiding: Seeing the Words of God

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I, Alyssa, was the kid who looked off into space, doodled during lectures and daydreamed during conversations. I couldn’t help it!

Growing up, I remember having a big imagination. I always found myself in whole new worlds in my mind. As I got older, I thought maybe I was just easily distracted. But now I see how God created my imagination to see beyond what is in plain sight, to see into an unseen world, the world where God lives apart from the limitations of time and space. God invites us into the unseen world because we have a part to play in it.

This world is the same world Paul talks about in Ephesians 6:12: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” (NKJV). Spiritual hosts in heavenly places—remember that. This is also the same world John sees when God reveals the heavenly things found in the book of Revelation. Maybe you’re thinking, “Are you saying I’m made to see angels and demons?” The answer is, it is possible. God wants to show us things that are not of this world but are a part of His world—those heavenly places. Each of us has a spirit that’s connected to the Holy Spirit; as such, we exist in both the natural world and the unseen world.

This means we have a part to play in the unseen world like we do in the natural world. In the natural world, if we see a person who is thirsty, we give her a drink. In the unseen world, if we pray for someone and see a picture of a river flowing over them and in them, God is opening your eyes to see what He sees about that person. He does this so you can partner with His heavenly world and speak what He sees to that person.

When we allow God to show us these things and we choose to speak them over people in the physical world, God brings heaven to earth through us. God designed us to bring heaven to earth. How cool is that! 


Take some paper and a pen, marker or paintbrush. Pause and ask God to show you a picture of something. Then draw or paint what He shows you. When you finish, ask God what that picture means. Take another piece of paper and write down what He speaks to you about your picture. He might speak to you through a feeling, an unexpected thought you wouldn’t normally think on your own, or maybe more images.

You can even apply this exercise when you pray for someone. Ask God, “Show me a picture about this person.” Then whatever He shows you, share it with that person.

These are just a couple starting points for seeing the voice of God in everyday life. The idea is to start a journey in experiencing more of God and exercising the spiritual eyes God has given you.