Our Schools Matter: A Story From Kailua, Hawaii

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A couple months ago we launched Our Schools Matter—and that was a big deal for us.

For the past year we have watched you guys answer the call to end the greatest injustice: that a person could live and die without the opportunity to hear the gospel. Many of you wore the same shirt for 30 days and made a global impact through our partner Speed the Light—and that’s awesome.

But we couldn’t lose sight of what’s happening around us locally to make Jesus known. Enter Our Schools Matter. When we see our school campuses as strategic locations to share the gospel, then students and pastors and churches can all be a part of making Jesus known.

Since the launch, we have heard so many great stories. Like this one from Hawaii: 

The pastors at Kailua Assembly of God on the island of Oahu had been praying for a couple years for ways to reach the local school. Recently the church held an “Encouragement and Blessing Service” before Kailua High School’s first football game. More than 60 football players, coaches, parents and faculty packed the church. During the service, the message of Jesus was shared, and 25 students responded to receive Jesus as Savior. Afterward, there was a dinner prepared by football moms.

The pastors, Dan and Jan Preciado, have had such an influence on the football team that a number of players dedicated one of the winning games to them in appreciation for going above and beyond to pray and care for the team.

The Preciados and Kailua Assembly of God discovered that in order to reach the community they needed to start with the local school. There is no need to reinvent the wheel to make an impact—just research a need and fill it. A simple willingness to intentionally and strategically reach a local school can go a long way. 


Football season will be over soon, but basketball, volleyball, baseball and softball are not far off. And the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are nearly here. It’s never too late to connect with your schools. 

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